La Première!

Writing short stories and articles, is something I do since I was teenager. I was excited to see some of them published in the small Greek community of Cyclades islands, where I grew up. When other children were dreaming ending up as singers, firemen, ballerinas, astronauts,private detectives, I was hallucinating publishing my own magazines!

It was in 2000, when Vogue Hellas held a contest for its first publication. The prizes for the big winner were a symbolic amount of money and a permanent position in Vogue Hellas. Even though back then I was still at high school, I started writing passionately for the contest as I saw it as the fitting chance that would link reality and my dreams…

11 years after, I may haven’t had my magazines published, I may haven’t won that Vogue contest, I may haven’t even studied exclusively Journalism, but I still have the same burning flame for writing. Boudoirs, make up, fashion, quality lifestyle are some of my passions as well. Therefore I decided to combine them through this blog…

Welcome in my cloud,

Ioanna xxx

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