Trend s/s 11: Transparencies (for women and men)

trans par en cy |tranˈsparənsē|noun ( pl. -cies)the condition of being transparent the transparency of ice.

Transparencies in skirts, transparencies in shirts, transparencies in shoes… Transparencies either as total look or simply as a detail, are a BIG trend for the Spring -Summer season this year. A trend that will be present also for the coming Fall and Winter. Here are some marvelous pieces that reflect the trend…


MotelThe General Dress in black 52.50 Euro


Mesh Panel Bodycon dress by DressUp Topshop in pale pink 45 GBP


ASOS pleat front chiffon beach jumpsuit 45.92 Euro


Chloè silk tulle skirts


Jimmy Choo Nexus snakeskin and lace sandals 710.43 GBP




 Chloè suede trimmed acetate pumps415.53 GBP


ASOS sheer mesh shirt in pink 15.74 Euro


Miss Selfridge Bengaline mesh dress in black 38 GBP Euro


Ashyana from the “Premiere” collection


Ashyana from the “Premiere” collection in pink. Also available in yellow and green.


Christian Louboutin Nikita 100 peep toe fish-net and leather ankle boots 469.15 GBP


Black tulle leggings by Ann-Sophie Back for Topshop 35 GBP 


Long sleeve shirt with Gucci flag detail 275 $


Gucci Silk knit ajour V neck in dark brown 740 $


Emporio Armani short sleeve t-shirt in black. Also available in navy blue 129 GBP

All pictures are taken from the brands’ official websites and designated online stores.


Will you wear transparencies this season?

2 thoughts on “Trend s/s 11: Transparencies (for women and men)

  1. Will other than the fact that I cannot wear transparent clothes, I dont really like them/ BTW, I wonder what kinda of men wear transparencies !!! 😛 😛 great job lolo

  2. LOLLzz! Thanks for the mental support Lulu! See, strategically placed transparencies would suit most of people. Now taste is another thing 😉 Hugs x

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