Which of your perfumes will you drink today?

Sometime in near future…

You just enjoyed a hot steemed bath, you applied your delicious body lotion and you are getting dressed for a hot date, in this promising night!! You are about to leave home bending over your fragrances collection, debating which one suits the occasion, which one feel like wearing.

You pick up your capsule, close your eyes and swallow your perfume…


Sounds intriguing, no? This progressive idea alters entirely the way we sense perfumes, as it suggests that we will be able to use all our 5 senses when wearing a fragrance. This idea emerged after the collaboration of Australian architect Lusy McRae and biologist Sheref Mansy. Basically, the swallowable perfume is a digestible scented capsule that once swallowed, enables the skin to act as a perfume platform through body’s natural processes. The capsule contains synthetic fragrant lipid molecules, same as the fat lipids found in our body.


Now how the perfume works… Right after swallowing the capsule, fragrance molecules are excreted during perspiration leaving tiny droplets on the skin. These droplets are the products of capsule absorption and the natural processes followed and they radiate your personal, unique odour. Keep in mind that factors like climate, eating habits, physical processes and sexual arousal, take also participation in the “crafting” process of your own odour.

If you wish to know more on the swallowable parfum project click here.

Credits: pictures found from the main site of swallowableparfum.com


Whould you be interested to personalize a perfume in this way?

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