Spring-Summer 2012: Make up trends

You know it’s Spring when the Sun prolongs its stay in horizon; you know its Spring when your mood resurrects from the greys; you know it’s Spring when its time to store the carpets; you know it’s Spring when longsleeves feel unbearable; you know it’s Spring when the firstly bloomed flowers’ scent awake you from hibernation…

And what Summer is? The creative orgy of Nature! 

For fashion Houses, Spring and Summer are a celebration of colour and creativity, innovation and freshness… Let’s have a look on how the Houses have imprinted them all on their make up suggestions…

Eyes dressed in Metal



For more than 2 seasons now, Metal textures have taken over the catwalks and our beauty stations. Well… no wonder why! Fresh feeling, long staying, easy application, all in one little pot. Fendi and Peter Phillips (the show’s head make up artist) though, took the trend a little further introducing us to gold leaf flakes! You can purchase here and use them to add a bit of glam on your make up. Using a lash glue and a pair of tweezers, stick them on either one side of your face, on top of your cheekbones-outer corner of your eyes or create a whole side to side eye mask for a bolder look! You may also use them on the centre of your lips on top of your lipgloss, for a touch of glam on a night out… Gold flakes would be ideal for a hot birthday appearance too!!! 


Emporio Armani

Armani’s suggestion is a quite different use of metal. Keep the face clean and fresh, with a touch of shimmering bronze on the forehead and cheekbones such as the new limited edition Guerlain bronzer “Terra Soleia”, which is impossible to find online… Luckily I purchased it and I will do a revew on it later on, so keep an eye for that post. Also, apply a flesh toned lipstick such as the new Chanel lipstick in “superstition” swatched here by Karlasugar. Now onto the eyes… using an eye liner brush, apply a gel liner to ensure longetivity and boldness on the upper lash line and the crease of the eye. Do not forget to lightly blend it with a cotton for smoother finishing. I suggest Bobbi Brown’s long wear gel liner in graphite shimmer for an exact copy of the look. However it would be fun to play around with other colours too…



To recreate the Etro look you basically need a lightweight foundation such as Mac’s face and body or a tinted moisturizer, a bit of contour with a light matte bronzer around the face, a little Vaseline on the lips and a light wash of a metallic creamy shadow on the eyes. I suggest Bobbi Brown’s metallic long wear cream shadow in mercury. Oh! and don’t forget to add a tone of mascara!


Gianfranco Ferre

Gianfranco Ferre was known for his minimalistic shapes and earthy tones in almost all of his creations. How his make up suggestions could deviate from this? To recreate the look make sure your skin has not got large pores or smaller unconcealed imperfections, as the metal texture will pick up anything like this. The trick in the whole look is basically the application and good blending of 1-2 metallic creams on the outer portions of eyebrows-eyes and cheekbones. Start with your foundation. Before you set up with powder, apply a cream such as Illamasqua’s liquid metal in Surge or Phenomena on the outer browbone-eye and top of cheekbone. Blend it really well and at the inner corners of eyes and outer edges of previous metal cream (outer forehead-cheekbones) apply Pearl or Luna cream colour base by MAC.

Bold Looks



It might be a little too much, but it can transform dramatically your looks. A bold, smoky, blue black eye make up is all what you need for a night out! On to the execution: a matte, medium coverage foundation to conceal every imperfection and discoloration, a soft rosy blush such as Blushbaby by MAC and a couple of products for the eyes, are all what you need. Start with a matte black pencil, applying it all over the eyes and lower lashline. Use a blending brush such as MAC’s 217 for the socket and a 219 for the lower lashline to blend the edges and fade the colour a little outwards. Then apply a blue shimmery eye shadow such as Make Up Forever’s Night Blue (swatched here by Karlasugar), on the eyes and half way of lower lash line. For a more intense look, blend a little black eye shadow on the outer half of the eye and lower lash line. Finish the look off, applying a clear gloss on the lips.


Colour strokes


Moschino (both pictures)

“Bright coloured eyelids” is a very summery trend and is coming to replace the “pastel coloured eye lids” trend which was mainly promoted all over magazines and the Press. The trend is addressing mostly to the youth and let’s just say: the younger you are, the bolder the colour can be. In order to achieve this fresh look, you should first start with a dewy foundation and a good concealer to hide spots. Keep the look overall very simple, giving emphasis exclusively on the eyes. Apply strong colours such as the highly pigmented Inglot  eyeshadows in no 315, bright turqoise and no 441, without forgeting to blend well the edges. Even though pictures above do not demonstrate any sign of eye liner, you might want to apply one on the top lashline, as it will make the look more wearable. Finish the look with tones of mascara and perhaps some individual false lashes (try MAC or Eylure) on the outer corner of your eyes. 




 Terra-cotta: noun 

 “a hard, fired clay, brownishred in colour when unglazed, that is used for architectural, structural units, pottery and as a material for sculpture” according to dictionary.reference.com and an essential part of the make up routine (especially that of Summer season) according to millions of women. This year, its function extends the usage from face to eyes, lips and nails. On eyes, you may use terracotta-ish nuances as a light wash, paired with a bright liner on the inner corner of eyes and waterline, for extra shine. If you would like to recreate the Lanvin look, try the long wearing Make Up Forever Aqua cream shadow in 15 Taupe. Pair the look with well groomed eye brows using a coloured brow mascara, such as the impeccable Bobbi Brown’s natural brow shaper. 



Donna Karan (both pictures)


Donna Karan on the other hand, suggests terracotta lips paired with same colour nails. To recreate the Karan look, use matte foundation or powder well your face after your foundation, keep the edges of face a little contoured with Illamasqua’s Disobey and define well your brows with a brow set in the same colour as of your hair. Regarding your lips, try Guerlain’s no10 Gaia  Rouge G lipstick swatched here. The lipstick is darker and richer than that of the swatch and very close the Donna Karan one. For a glossier finish try YSL’s no2 Brun Glace vernis, swatched here. For an exact copy of the look check out Chanel’s Rouge Coco in Rouge Noir. Pair with Seduction nail vanish by Nailstation or Paparazzi nail vanish by Ciate.

New Doll


Dolce & Gabbana




Louis Vuitton

How fantastic is this “plastic” like look? Like a new doll out of her box,the big Houses Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana sported the simplest yet one of the prettiest trends for this season. The basic concept of this look includes a fine layer of silky foundation such as the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua or Guerlain’s Lingerie De Peau (both swatched by Karlasugar in these links), a light application of a neutral eye shadow and a brown-black eye liner as close to the lash line as possible, with a small flick (as in D&G picture). Apply white eyeliner on the waterline. Make sure to add some individual false lashes (see Terracotta post) at the outer corner of the eye for a flirty look or a full strip of lashes (as in Louis Vuitton look) for a bold look. The look also includes well groomed brows, which you can achieve with Illamasqua’s brow gel. Revive the look by applying bronzer on the frame of your face, lightly as in Chanel’s look or a little boldly as in Dolce & Gabbana’s looks. A nice bronzer which you can build little by little is that of Guerlain light sheer bronzing powder. Most importantly, apply with light hand a bright yellow pinkish blush on the apples of your cheeks such as Make Up Forever’s HD Microfinish cream blush in Quickie, swatched here by Karlasugar. If you prefer powder textures, then Chanel’s tweed blush in Tweed Corail (swatched here again by Karlasugar) is the right choice. Those of you who have Instant Chic blush from Mac’s Pret a Porter collection, dig it out because its all what you need! Finish the look with a lip balm which will enhance the rosy undertone of your lips such as the innovative Christian Dior lip glow.

Lips that make you say “what!!!”


Christian Dior


Mary Katrantzou


Jason Wu

Grapefruity, coral or green?! Yes, green! The new lip trend goes crazy, promoting unusual and original colours! Mary Katrantzou was one of the fashion Houses which supported bold lip colours such as the anticomformist blue and green! If you are brave enough and feel you can pull the trend off, you may want to have a look at Illamasqua’s Apocalips and Disciple. In case you prefer to go classic, you may want to have a look at red-coral lipsticks which is a big hit the season. I suggest the highly pigmented Chanel’s Rouge Coco in 31 Cambon or one with glossier finish such as YSL’s Rouge Laque no9 or a sheerer option such as Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique in 120 Coque D’Or, all swatched by Karlasugar. Make sure to keep the rest of your make up simple and let your lips show off…


         Which of the trends will you try this Summer?

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