The stardust of Beautyworld 2013

This might be a late post, however spending unexpectedly the whole month of June in Kuwait, without my notes and laptop, and with limited access to Internet, kept me unable to post my insight on Beautyworld Exhibition 2013, in Dubai.

I feel proud to have attended all Beautyworlds in Dubai for 6 consecutive years! I was there to see the pavilion getting shrinked by size and participation (specially in 2012), I was there to see French and British participations standing tall, glorious and mighty and I was there to see them getting minimalistic, convenient and smaller year by year. I was there to see Spain getting a “scholarship” from European Union for their presence in the exhibition and I was there to witness Greece’s participation minimized to only one. Turkey and China hold a big share in the market and every year I see them expanding booth by booth. As every year, the exhibition was held in Dubai World Trades Center, from 28-30 May 2013. In this first part I will take you around with me, showing you bits and bobs from the region’s most visited and extensively advertised beauty and cosmetics exhibition… Beautyworld.

Dubai World Trade Center


Mythos is a Greek company with a holistic concept, amazing packaging and fresh products. They aim to make a dynamic entrance in the local market, especially in pharmacies and spas.


Madi International is a colossal trading company, for this part of the world. Madi is responsible for importing and distributing internationally acclaimed brands to Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon. Their portfolio include Wella, Esthederm, Essie and many many more renown brands.


Burning incense in Mumayz, Saudi perfumes.


Is TIGI making hair growth products too?


Cinere is a London-based cosmetics company; manufacturing and selling affordable skin and hair care products, highly concentrated in natural ingredients. Cinere representative was kind enough to give me testers of their cleansing milk, anti wrinkle cream and tinted sunblock spf50, to try. He stressed out the fact that Cinere uses only pure ingredients, avoiding petrochemicals. I tried out the products, while I was in Kuwait, and I was quite pleased with them. The tinted sunblock was the star of the range. All products had light floral scent and thick consistency. You may find more information in



Smell and Smile is a perfume company based in Dubai. The owners, two Syrian businessmen, hosted me and discussed with me everything about perfumes. They are selling and mixing their precious oils -some of which I tested- to perfume houses in the region. I found particularly intriguing the Sahara and Khawaneej oils, which I mixed them on a blot and on my skin. The result blew me off! A rich, woody, truly Arabian blend that lasted for more than 24 hours! Smell and Smile had set a highly informative booth, containing the ABC basics of perfumery. Materials were classified by family and a big chart divided and arranged by kind every masculine and feminine perfume sold in market. Talking about personal blending, the successful duo suggested adding oud, sandalwood, musk and amber notes to ensure longevity of a perfume and letting the blend to set for 2-3 days. If you wish to contact them, you will find them in Garhoud area, Dubai. Their contact number is 00971-4-2832211 and their email is


Lashes, lashes, lashes! Plus nail accessories.


Lash extension laboratory.


This is Nick, from “hair by Becca” booth. Rebecca Smith is Nick’s sister and Managing Director of hair extensions brand “hair by Becca”, which is based in Bahrain. I found their hair extensions’ quality of hair is impeccable, application was easy and practical and the result natural looking. For more information and availability check or email to

12 13 14 15

Didn’t you fall in love with this smoking gun?


Hair technicians under heavy duty…


Middle East is all about make up!

18 19 20 21

Sheida cosmetics undoubtedly grabbed my attention more than any other Turkish booth I visited. The reason is their innovative for the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets products. Even through kohl powder was popular since many centuries back in this part of the world and is now fast selling in the West after Guerlain introduced it first, it is always good to see new interpretations of it. Sheida produces kohl powder in 10 different colours, rich in pigment and ensured longevity.  Digging their treasures, I found out another similar to Guerlain launch, the La Vie en Rose shimmering powder. It can be used on hair, face and body, adding sparkle to the total outfit. For more information and availability check


Nail stickers for lazy ladies…

23 24 25

Packaging manufacturers for perfumes. Do you recognize any of your perfumes?


Pielor cosmetics can be found in Carrefour Middle East. Highly recommended: the Tunisian Amber and Arabian Oud shower gels. They last on skin all day long!

27.Simona and Constantino on the far right, representing Euro Trading perfume. The company is based in Milano and Padua, Italy and is a perfume manufacturer. Notice the glass diffuser, containing an orange juice right in front of them. It is an exclusive neroli blend and this is what draw me closer to their booth. being more than 5 meters away!!! I will definitely chase this product upon release. For more information visit

28 29 30 31 32

Keep looking this space for the second part of these series: Beautyworld star brands that worth extra attention!

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