Lernert & Sander: Beauty with a denominator of Art

Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug are two people who have your mind contemplating the obvious and make you wonder “Why didn’t I think of it before?” .


Sharp Lernert and Sander are two Dutch artists based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and they use their unconventional talent and square logic, to serve humourous, unprecedented projects including films, art installations, music videos, advertisements and fashion concepts.

2.zwart schaap

Their golden moments for me, include the Knab Bank commercial, reversing the roles of boat and champagne bottle in a classic opening ceremony, the playful Amnesty video with the catchphrase: Freedom of Expression needs your Flame, the Blacker Sheep photo, in reference to families, in which a well groomed black sheep poses as a prize winning doggie and few witty beauty projects that I present to you today…


What is annoying, plastic, small and you can find it on every piece of cloth, from H&M’s tank tops to Versace’s gowns?


When Elle magazine asked L&S to design the award for the annual Stylist of the Year 2011 nomination, I highly doubt anyone expected the award to be a price tag! Winner Bonne Reijn received the 14 carat gold tag, which is actually a lot more than a trophy.

“We made the unglamorous, glamourous and focused on the most common, least celebrated, underexposed part of a garment, the tag. We designed the golden tag pin as two parts that can easily be clicked together – so it can be worn as jewellery, rather than just sitting on a mantelpiece for the rest of eternity.”


What is common between Acqua di Parma’s Iris Nobile, Guerlain’s La petit robe noire, Balenciaga’s Florabotanica and Girlfriend by Justin Bieber?

First of all they were all released on 2012. Secondly, they are part of a 1400 perfumes mixture: Everything!

The two artists collected all the samples of perfumes that were released on 2012, and created a 1.5 litre master perfume called Everything. The unique blend is being hosted in a massive, handmade, sample-bottle.

NATURAL BEAUTY: 365 Layers of Make Up

How many years does 228.40 ml of make up last you?

Greedy Lernert and Sander applied it all in 9 hours!

They used 7 bottles of foundation, 2 bottles of creamy eyeshadows, 3 pens of lip products and 2 bottles of blush, all by Dutch make up brand Ellis Faas. They applied 365 layers with all that make up, to see what it takes to be transformed from natural looking to oil paint!

It is interesting to mention that the brave model Hannelore Knuts, during the process of suffering for Art, she was not allowed to move and she could eat and drink only through a straw. The “Natural Beauty” video received international projections and participated in many film festivals worldwide.


Back in Autumn 2010, London’s Selfridge department stores launched a massive new shopping destination called Shoe Galleries, containing of 6 galleries and 11 boutiques. Selfridge’s asked Lernert and Sander to create a series of windows installations, taking shoes to the next level.


Perhaps Dutch are not as good as British in black humour, but they are definitely years ahead in how to use humour creatively!  When one would expect limited edition pairs, showered in diamonds and rare gems, togging Selfridge’s vitrines, the unorthodox Dutch duo played around with devices picked up from their homes. Brooms starring as 70’s high pumps, sewing machines starring as 60’s hippies platforms, a dishwasher as clogs and many more unimaginable devices stroke poses and seen by over 125000 people per day!

6_wasmachine1 6_wasmachine2 7_dishwasher 8_dustbuster1 9_dustbuster3 10_sewingmachine2

What do you think of Lernert’s and Sander’s work?

Disclaimer: All visual material was retrieved from Lernertandsander.com and Vimeo.com websites.

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