Great drugstore body lotions

When it comes to body moisturizers, body lotions is my top choice. They are refreshing, easy to apply and absorb and keep the skin discreetly scented for many hours.

Today, I am sharing with you notes on a couple of body milks which passed the test, they are fairly inexpensive and are found in the GCC market.


I never expected myself to stick to a Nivea product, but it just happened and at the moment I am on my third bottle… Nivea Sensual Musk hooked me instantly! It is a body milk for dry and normal skin, it has a light oriental-musky scent which stays on for hours and hours and costs Dhs13.95 or KWD 1.200 for 250ml of product.


Enchanter is a Malaysian brand, mainly known regionally for their scented talc powders. Oud Blosson is standing out for me, out of all the -mostly light flowery, overworn- perfumed range. It is body lotion for oily skin, it dries quickly and leaves the skin with a deep flowery-musky scent for just few hours. I cannot spot the oudh element within what I sniff, but I am totally satisfied with what I sense overall. 250ml packaging costs Dhs.10.25 or KWD 0.800.


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