Tan nuances

In this part of Earth’s hemisphere, Summer is on its peak!

Beaches are busy, nightlife is at its best, the moon is just a little more glowy and everything revolves around relaxation, enjoyment and flirtation.  As you can imagine, beautiful people and sun burnt bodies can’t help but magnetize everyone’s attention!

Today’s post is dedicated to those sun burnt bodies and faces, who seek a bit more depth and dimension with the help of luminous, little makeup creations…


Saint Prokopis beach- Naxos island- Greece


GIORGIO ARMANI- Sheer Bronzer 

Giorgio Armani Sheer Bronzer in #1 Brown Sand, is a great bronzer for those of you who look for the highly desirable J-Lo effect. Even though it is exactly as the name implies, sheer, when built it gifts amazing glow and compliments ideally medium to deep tanned skin tones. The powder is scentless and its colour is a true taupe (not even a hint of red or orange) with golden shimmer. I want to add that it goes nicely with the sheer bronzer #5 of the Armani line, applied discreetly on the apples of the cheeks.


The bronzer costs 45 Euro. If you include it in your shopping list and it happens that you travel through airports, make sure you purchase it at Duty Frees as it can get as low as 36 Euro.

MAC –  Iridescent Loose Powder

Mac’s loose powder in Golden Bronze is a beautiful, finely milled, shimmering powder, which you can wear in face, neck and decolte, aiming to add both light and depth in your looks. The powder is scentless and the colour that you get is the exact one of its name, a dark, bronzed up gold with a hint of peach. It is best applied with a full blush brush.


The loose powder costs 23 Euro and it lasts forever since you only need a tiny amount of product in every application. Make sure you regulate the amount of loose powder that comes out each time, because you can easily create a mess.

GUERLAIN- Terra Soleia Tan-Enhancing Bronzer Face and Décolleté

Terra Soleia is a limited edition powder, coming in a gigantic packaging. Thinking of it, is very convenient because the powder is supposed to be applied on face, decolte and -I will deliberately add- shoulders! As a Terracotta “child”, Terra Soleia has a prominent, yet super sexy tiare flower scent. Its fine powder has a true golden colour with zero amount of glitter but rather a nice, rich sheen.


I purchased the powder from Dubai and it costed me 300 Dhs or else 70 Euro. I forecast that I will enjoy the powder for quite a while, as its generous amount permits me to play around with it ofter and yet, as you can see, the pattern is still intact!

AVON- Glow Bronzing Pearls

Bronzing Pearls by Avon is a nice product to polish your daytime looks. It contains 3 kind of pearls: yellow, peachy tan and dark taupe.  Mixed together, they provide a natural like tanned colour in peachy undertones, with a neither matte, nor a shimmery finish, but rather a velvety one. The pearls secrete a fine, creamy, coconut scent.


The powder costs 12 Euro and at the moment you can find it in the Avon website on sale.


Saint Prokopis beach- Naxos island- Greece

Enjoy your vacations!!!

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