Oman’s Muttrah souq: The burning vesta of resins


This is the second post dedicated to Oman’s adventure and involves pictures, scents, tastes, memories from one of Oman’s oldest and most historical souqs ( traditional market) called the Muttrah Souq or else Al Dhalam (darkness) for locals. Muttrah and in extension its Souq, was the centre of Oman’s trade and commercial activities way before the discovery of oil.

The souq has two main entrances, one in the front side of the corniche, watching the Sultan Qaboos Port and another at the back side, connected with the Mutrah high street, which is located between houses, a police station and plenty of small shops.

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Muttrah Souq is a point of reference for the Omani families, who run into it looking from household goods, to shoes, garments, knitting and sewing tools and accessories.

Needless to mention the countless tiny stores and autonomous sellers (mainly located in the narrow side streets) selling the best frankincense quality from Salalah, oud and bukhoor and a variety of unique perfume oils.

In the souq I also found silver jewelry with precious stones (mainly turquoise, lapis lazuli and more), mbakhar from clay and electrical mbakhar for burning bukhoor, oud and olibanium and khanjars, the traditional Omani daggers.

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My personal shopping experience involved lots of frankincense from Al Mahri corner shop, right at the end of the souq (he has the best price in market) and bukhoor named “Oud al Shams” from a shop called Arabian. Even though it was August, my trip to the Souq ended up with a pleasant surprise: it rained!

Enjoy the post!!!

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