Rendez-vous with history

In my family, we all are avid lovers of antiques to the point that we have incorporated important and historical pieces of furnitures, decoration and household items in our daily activities.


Among other treasures, my mother Angeliki holds a fabulous collection of authentic, vintage little things, such as make up powder compacts (with traces of powder!), lipstick holders (with traces of lip colour!), mirrors, perfume bottles, glass boxes, ink pots, personal notebooks, fans, engraved cigarette cases and many, many more.


A piece that added recently in her collection and draw my attention was a tiny, metallic box, embellished with a green jewel. It was given to her by my grandmother Ioanna and contained perfume in the form of wax. What was it? Helena Rubinstein’s “Heaven Sent” dated 1941!!!


As I have not experienced range’s eaux, I can only comment on what we have in wax: it is a pleasant, outdated scent with floral notes and a balmy leftover in taste. If you wish to know more about “Heaven Sent” and its history, visit fellow blogger Cleopatra’s  Boudoir.DSC03289


Do you like antiques and vintage perfumes?

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