Bani is tribe in Arabic. Zeus is the father of gods and men, according to Hesiod’s Theogony. Banizeus is my alter ego; my bedouin existence, that bestrides from oasis to oasis looking for some divine aesthetics.

I am Ioanna Melissourgou, a Greek blogger and public relations professional, based between the United Arab Emirates, Greece and the Netherlands.

Milestones of my path in Beauty so far are the design of the logo for the limited edition, sold out in 4 days, handcrafted in gold Guerlain bee bottle, for the occasion of the UAE’s 40th anniversary and my entry in Illamasqua’s nail vanish creation competition, which won a place among the finalists, out of 6000 participations.

Guerlain UAE UAE flacon

My future plans include a Master’s degree in Perfumery, traveling around the world and keeping the happiness flowing!

In this space, I post about all vain things related to beauty, objects of desire, lifestyle, art and the good life, that make us all feel like children in a candystore…

Welcome to my blogspot!

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