Perfume? Do it like Khaleejis!

With pride and thrill I announce you my debut into the ParfumPlus universe!


“Wearing Perfumes: Khaleeji Style” marks the beginning of my collaboration with the very first printed magazine exclusively for perfumes, which is published in Dubai, UAE and distributed in the Middle East, South East Asia and India.

This initial input of mine gives you the chance to explore what perfumes mean to Arabs from the Gulf and how they utilize them in several circumstances of their lives. For more browse into page 16.


The shameful scent of Dutch Film Festival

If you happen to be around Utrecht, Netherlands this September, do not miss the chance to watch first the documentary/ artistic journey of Alessandro Gualtieri, which is going to be screened in NFF, the Dutch Film Festival.

Alessandro, who claims to be for perfumery what Elle McPherson is for modelling; (One is the “Nose” and the other is the “Body” respectively), is the mastermind behind the eccentric perfume brand: Nasomatto (meaning crazy nose in Italian).

A.G. Nasomattopic taken from

Carrying the title “The Nose- Searching for Blamage”, the hour long documentary unfolds the quest, journeys and experiences of a Perfumer in the way to creation. Gualtieri is traveling mainly through Asia and other parts of the world to trigger his creativity, get inspired and most importantly make mistakes, in order to decide what “Blamage” should smell like.

Meaning “shame” in German, Blamage will mark the end of a cycle, as it will be the 10th and last perfume for Nasomatto.

The documentary, will be screened on September 28th, October the 2nd and 3rd in the Dutch Film Festival and on November 12 in Dutch television.

The Italian Perfumer, who is based in Amsterdam, established Nasomatto in 2007, after years of working for big companies. He has created 9 perfumes for his brand, with “Black Afghano” being probably the most popular one.

For more information regarding the peculiar documentary and Perfumer click here.

High end perfumes in budget

Pleasant discoveries is always the best thing can happen to me during trips!

In my latest trip to Athens, capital of Greece and city of goddess Athena, I made a big discovery in a small corner of a beauty store…


Parthenon- Athens

While rooming around the cosmetics meccah Hondos Center store of Ermou street, the most central shopping destination of Athens, I digged out Menounos perfumes. Greek brand Menounos reproduces some of the most extensively sold, high end perfumes of the market including J’adore, Addict, Hypnotic Poison by Dior, Coco Noir and Coco my Chanel, Angel and Alien by Thierry Mugler and many many more. You get a 100ml of juice in refillable bottle for just 2.53 Euro.

Menounos is also producing accords such as powdery notes, rose, caramel and more in 100ml bottles for 1.47 Euro.


If you happen to visit or live in Athens and you want to stay on budget, yet you do not want to give away your favourite perfumes, then you may consider passing by Hondos Center of Ermou.