Dry Oils: Summer Edition

What is the most ideal season to wear dry oils, other than Summer? Typically, they nourish the skin deeply, leaving it discreetly scented and glowy. They also serve as a great base to preserve the scent of your perfumes throughout the day.

This post looks upon few dry oils that caught my eye and tested thoroughly.

 Guerlain- Terracotta Eau Sous Le Vent

One word: intoxicating! Its sunny, tiare flower scent stigmatizes a specific part of my vacations for a couple of summers now: every refreshing, late afternoon shower I have after I returned from my sea and sun baths!


The Eau Sous Le Vent oil contains the Guerlain patented “Tan Booster complex” that compliments and prolongs my tans and is hydrating enough to quench my dehydrated skin after sun exposure. Guerlain promotes it as a body and face moisturizing and tan enhancing mist.


I usually buy this oil from Duty Frees, where it comes in companion with the Huile du Voyageur, which I write about in this post too. The two together come in a 30 ml each, special packaging and cost Dhs 240 in Dubai Airports, approximately 48 Euro. Here you can find the 100ml for 42.50 Euro.

NUXE-Huile Prodigieuse

To Nuxe and all the perfume and sunscreen manufacturers out there: Could you make me a sunscreen having Prodigieuse’s scent? Thank you!


After Estee Lauder’s “Bronze Goddess” tropical scent, this is my second favourite olfactive drug for nourishing my skin during summer. It has nuances of neroli, coconut milk, tiare flower and musk and while it lasts on skin, its scent relaxes me, travels me and brings me joy.

Nuxe promotes it as a product for body, face and hair. Personally, I do not rely much on its moisturizing properties, as after extensive and exclusive usage on my body, I noticed my skin getting drier. I purchased the regular 50ml flacon for Dhs80 (about 17 Euro) from Boots pharmacy in the UAE. There is also the 100ml flacon for 29 Euro, which comes in spray.

On a different note, Nuxe launched the beloved Prodigieuse fragrance in Eau de Parfum! The top notes contain bergamot, mandarine and orange flower petals. In the heart we have rose, gardenia and magnolia and in the base vanilla, coconut milk.

Roger & Gallet- Les Huiles 

Roger and Gallet is a French Perfumery that crafts exceptional perfumes and body products since 1862. Their scents are delicate, subtle and fresh. The brand makes 3 perfumed dry oils:  Huile Sublime Bois d’ orange, Eau Sublime Or Bois d’orange and Huile Embellissante Fleur d’osmanthus. The brand promote them as oils for body, face and hair.


Out of the selection of three, I got the Fleur d’osmanthus one that simply enchanted me! It has a prominent hesperidin- floral- balmy scent and when is paired with the cream or lotion out of the homonym range, the result is just… beautiful. The olfactive dry down of cream and oil together reminded me that of Chanel’s No 19.

Alternatively, I would pair Huile Embellissante Fleur d’osmanthus with the Jean-Marie Farina cream or lotion, to give a tiny deeper and balmier dimension to the olfactive result.

Lastly, I want to vote thumbs down on Eau Sublime Or bois d’Orange that I thought it would match nicely a deep tan, as the product contains golden glitter in it. Sublime Or had a pleasant, orangey, mainstream scent and left my skin with slattern golden glitters, which –on the bright side- can be easily wiped off.

Huile Sublime Bois D’Orange comes in 30 ml for 11 Euro and 100 ml for 22.90 Euro. Sublime Or comes in 100 ml and costs 37.50 ml. and Huile Embellissante Fleur d’Osmanthus comes in 100ml for 22.90Euro. In Greece, you can find the range in Hondos Center Kolwnaki and Glyfada and several pharmacies located all over the country.


Guerlain- Terracotta Huile Du Voyageur 

This is the perfect accessory for a fancy night out, a wedding, or any special occasion when you want to make a statement with your appearance. Why? Because it has that prominent, sexy tiare flower scent and because when applied strategically, it gives you enough sparkle to glow.


Terracotta Huile Du Voyageur is a thick, bronzy-coppery consistency with tiny shimmer particles and it aims to compliment your annual, long coveted tan or to give a slight hint of colour and glow on your hands and legs right in the transition periods of spring (preparing you psychologically for summer) and autumn (prolonging the fading tint of your body). Guerlain describes it as an illuminating tan intensifier for body.


It has an SPF of 8 and as almost all the Terracotta products do, it contains the exclusive to Guerlain “Tan Booster” technology that helps the skin maintains its tan. Longevity-wise the effects of the oil stay on my skin for 4-6 hours, depending on how humid the weather is.


As I mentioned before I buy it in special Duty Free packages along with the Eau Sous Le Vent oil (check above). You can find it a full version here as 100ml for 45 Euro.

NUXE- Huile Prodigieuse Or


This is the bronzed up-shimmering version of the regular dry oil. It has the same merveilleux scent, with the same staying power, though it is coloured. Its colour is a burnt orange and it contains micro golden glitter. When rubbed, it leaves your skin glowy, with few visible glitter particles on it but not a hint of colour. In other words, you should not expect to give you any colour, but more of a scented sheen to embellish your skin for few hours.


I purchased the 50 ml bottle for 23 Euro, from a Greek pharmacy. The product comes also in a 100ml bottle spray and costs 36,70 Euro.

 The Body Shop- Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

This is a new, summer launch by The Body Shop, for which I had high hopes. I tried the product in store, willing to buy it but making up my mind soon after the trial.

10thebodyshop.co.uk 11.thebodyshop.com

pictures taken from thebodyshop.com

It has an overpowering white flower scent, which stays on for few hours. In the beginning the product felt super oily on my skin and was hard to absorb. The oil comes in two colours, however both were transparent upon application. The glitter was very fine and it stayed on the skin for some time after the oil was absorbed.


The product overall felt “too much”: heavy in texture and fragrance. It left me with a feeling of an uncomfortable, sticky layer on my skin, rather than pampered.

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil comes in 01 Honey Kiss and 02 Golden Honey, as 100 ml, for 26 Euro.

Do you like using dry oils?