Experiencing Magnetic Scent(s)

Magnetic Scent is a young perfume House with mature creations. The sophisticated, niche perfume brand debuted in 2012 with 4 perfumes. The perpetrator behind the idea, creation and aesthetic diligence of every fragrance is Dr. Spyros Drosopoulos, an unconventional man of diverse and alluring background.


After a perfume workshop and almost 3 years of intensive study and experimentation, Spyros renounced his “monotonic” career as Professor of Psychology Department at the University of Amsterdam, for a “polytonic” position behind perfumer’s organ, not only to express himself through unique artistic creations but also to carry on his scientific research onto the correlation between scents and human psyche.

In this post, I share with you my thoughts on the four perfumes: Indigo, Tindrer, Untitled 1 and Untitled 2 that the perfumer kindly sent me to explore.

Untitled #1

What it scents like 

Untitled #1 is a floral perfume based on Jasmine. Seconds after opening with jasmine, we have rose coming up and an aggressive tuberose note that mingle up with vanilla. After some time, aggressiveness from tuberose has gone and what is left is a sweet and creamy sense of cacao on palate. During drydown and after the pompous acting of ingredients, jasmine and vanilla mellow into a warm trail.


What it feels like

Untitled #1 is undoubtedly a summer scent and even if it is known as unisex, I would also say effeminate. In a scene where everything feels more intense and senses are in alert, this perfume would portray an outdoors, sun bathed afternoon tea with cocoa and vanilla pastries, in a huge garden full of jasmines. On a different note, my father unwittingly confirmed the rule that wants men finding the scent of jasmine extremely appealing and said that out of all four fragrances he liked Untitled #1 the most.


Perfumer’s notes

Through this fragrance Spyros wanted to create an original and unexplored version of a perfume based on sambac jasmine. He worked 2 years for it and after 300 versions, he achieved to reconstruct the desired scent from scratch. The final result is bottled under the name: Untitled 1.

Ingredients: Jasmine, Wormwood, Galanga, Cacao.

Untitled #2

What it scents like

Untitled #2 is a gourmand-spicy perfume that opens with a blast of mild cloves, cinnamon and anise dipped in sugar. After the intense blast some rose is coming up. As time passes by, we have more herbal spices showing up, that blend nicely with the rose. From then and there we have a dance for two elements going on, with rose and spices dominate once at a time. During dry down all the spices are baptized in vanilla, that gives a sensual vibe. Though the fragrance begun as a warm composition, it turned out as cool and aromatic.


What it feels like

Since the perfume is deliberately orphan from title, I will be cheeky and name it “the secrets of tea rituals”. No, I am not referring to the often dry or cool or mainstream British and Japanese teas, but to the highly aromatic and “multilayered” in taste and scent Karak tea (as I know it). Karak tea or else Masala chai, is a hot beverage originally coming from the Indian subcontinent and contains black tea, sugar and several spices such as cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, ginger, saffron and cloves, all dipped in milk and boiled over low fire for hours and hours.

Cozy yet sweetened spices in the beginning, a sense of creaminess minutes later, and a cool, concise residue, exactly as the effect of a Karak tea from the first sip until the moment that gets cold, that is what Untitled #2 is like.

I classify it as a scent for Fall and early Winter and it is my second favourite from Magnetic Scent.


Perfumer’s notes

Deviating a little from the original version of Masala Chai, Spyros attempted to recreate a wearable version of the spicy tea that he loves so much. He added rose and cacao in the composition, after an alternative recipe that stigmatized him.

Ingredients: Masala Chai, Cacao, Rose, Milk, Vanilla.


What it scents like

Tindrer is a green, earthy scent with woody and flowery notes. Upon opening I sense wet woods, sweet resins and wet soil! After a while I feel violet and musk coming in. As time passes by, violet is getting more prominent and accompanies in the same tone the fragrance until it blurs out to nothing.


What it feels like

I have met this fragrance before in my homeland’s woods; it is one of Earth’s most exclusive and characteristic scent. Oh how much have I missed the smell of rain that derives out of the randy for water soil!Tindrer is a sweet version of the events that take place on ground just a little before or a little after the rain or even watering. Violet gives a velvety dimension to it. I see this perfume as the perfect palette to play around layering it with nice resinous scents and dark leather perfumes. Initially, I feel Tindrer as a Spring and Summer scent, which however can be worn layered all year round due to its woods and earthy notes.


Perfumer’s notes

Tindrer was made infused by the homonym song by Danish band “Under Byen”. Inspired by the alternations and contradictions of the song and the artists-musicians’ anarchistic interpretation of how rock sounds like, the artist-perfumer alternates warm and cool earthy tones in a creation that depictures sparkling, cold spring mornings or Scandinavian nights.

Ingredients: Green grass, Wet oil tincture, Cedar, Oakmoss, Galbanum, Cypress, Violet, Musk, Amber, heliotrope.


What it scents like

Indigo is a highly aromatic and resinous scent. During opening I experienced a blast of mastic, rose, and a dry green flowery note, angelica. As the perfume unfolds, it feels clean, fresh and balmy. Its drydown was mellow, with its resins getting sweeter and amber leaving a mighty footprint.


What it feels like

It feels like I am uplifted! All this cool and beautiful mastic sets me in the mood for sun, endless cycling in the gardens and cool drinks. Indigo is a truly original scent and personally speaking my favourite from Magnetic Scent. For me, there is a point during drydown, where it speaks the same language as Amouage’s Epic for women. Indigo matches nicely with Spring, Summer nights and early Autumn days.


Perfumer’s notes

This was Spyros’s very first project in Magnetic Scent; a project that somehow correlates with his vocation and Ph.D. in Sleep and Memory consolidation. He worked more than a year for Indigo, wanting to deliver a specific disposition: the transition from a state of introspection or daydreaming to unification with what is happening right here, right now.

Apart from this, Indigo as a title is a connotation to the colour’s role in meditation and colour psychology, which refers to the highest level of intuition, consciousness and perception.

Packaging is illustrated by the Berlin-based artist Ekaterina Koroleva.

Ingredients: Mastic oil, Hibiscus, Rose, Hyacinth, Artemisia, Angelica root, Atlas cedar, Sandalwood, Amber, Ambrette seed.

The verdict

Magnetic Scent has clean scents made of high quality ingredients, which initially is confirmed by their clarity and longevity. The compositions are worked nicely by Spyros and they have nothing to do with mainstream creations for the mass. They are extraordinary juices that twist and unfold in a different way. Last but not least, I want to highlight that the House has ecological consciousness with all its products, from content to packaging, made by hand.

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